About the dogs

Our dogs are also our pets and very close friends! Wwe love them immensely, and of course they live with us in our house and on the sofa.

That way we really get to know their personality and demeanor!

To spot if an individual will become or already is of show quality, are fairly straight forward. But, in order to have it show itself like a star, you need to intimately know its temperament and demenor.

We strive therefore, to build a close relationship with our dogs, in order to ensure the individual dog becomes harmonious, mentally strong and well balanced, thus becoming the family pet we wish to bring forward.

And we just love to live with them!

About me

More than 30 years ago I got my first Tibbie.

At that time I have already been a breeder of Pyrenean Mountain Dog for several years, but I also wanted a smaller dog.

After carefull research I decided on Tibetan Spaniel and has never regretted it, not for a moment!

And, luckily, my family fell in love with them as well!

Over the years I have had more than a hundred litters, and amongst all more than sixty champions has been elected, several becoming INTCH or CIB.

About family dogs

Tibetan spaniel is a wonderful family pet! By training dogs with the children interacting, your child will get the best friend for as long as the dog is alive.

And adults cannot resist falling in love with this endearing little dog either. Even big, burly guys that initially expresses nothing but contempt for the little, fuzzy creature, capitulates after only a short while!

Tibbies may be small in stature, but their demeanor and temperament is that of a much bigger dog.

Come and see us and find out!