Me-Ri was our first Tibetan Spaniel. She was well built, although somewhat large with quite a long muzzle, but with a wonderful personality. Initially Bente did not want to sell her to me, as Me-Ris father had died and Bente did not see any other opportunity for a direct descendant. But, pleading and cajoling did the trick, and we fast became extremely grateful for Bente succumbing to our tricks. Me-Ri turned out to be a wonderful and warm friend, much loved by all. In the show ring things was a bit hard, but she became DKCH (Danish champion), even though judges both noted and commented her rather “elongated” upper and lower jaws. She was therefore of the old type of Tibbie, and as it turned out an all the more better mother for it. One of her offspring Sommerlyst’s Assam Tes-La did also stay with us.

INTCH DKCH KLBCH Sommerlyst's Assam Tes-La
As a novice and apprentice in the world of Tibbies I did choose Tes-La from our first litter, as she clearly had a somewhat wider and shorter muzzle than her mother. But do not think for a minute she started out becoming a show star right away, she received several 2. prizes in her youth, so many in fact that I bought her half-sister Tenzing Ma-Chu and had serious plans of selling Tes-La at one time. Ma-Chu fast became Danish champion but never developed into a good breeding bitch. Nevertheless, my youngest daughter Gitte put her heels firmly into the soft Danish soil; "Tes-La would not under any circumstances leave the premises! End of debate!" Thanks Gitte, not for a minute did we regret listening to you! Tes-La matured quickly and after having had her first litter, not many Tibbie-bitches could beat Tes-La in the ring. Not only that, she also became a great breeder and a unique companion in every way – not the least for our Gitte. Tes-La had two litters in Kennel Sommerlyst, before she gave name to a new kennel in Denmark, Kennel Tes-la, naturally owned and run by our very own Gitte. But Tes-La stayed in the house, as she was given to Gitte as a coming-of-age present, as Gitte at the time was not ready to leave the nest. The puppy after Tes-La that became an important factor i Kennel Sommerlyst in the years to come was Sommerlyst’s Fan Ming. Tes-La however, became over 16 years before she died of old age.

INTCH DKCH KLBCH BESG91 PLSG91 Sommerlyst's Fan Ming
Fan Ming was initially sold as a puppy but moved only a few kilometres from where we lived at the time, and a stipulation was made in his contract, that we could use him for showing and for breeding. And that was stroke of luck, as he turned out to be one of the most perfect dogs you could dream of in the show ring, not many shows did not see him as BIR, both at home and abroad. However, he did need some mental support to fully develop his self-assurance and confidence. Fan-Ming mated Shangri-La's Yin to produce a litter of Sommerlyst’s puppies.

INTCH DKCH BESG91 PLSG91 Shangri-La's Yin
She came to Denmark almost by accident, she was 6 months old at the time. I was visiting Kennel Shangri-La in Norway in order to collect Shangri-La’s Gambo Songtsen. Yin had been sold but was never collected by the buyer, which was our luck! Not only was Yin gorgeous to look at, but she also had the most endearing personality. But Yin taught me that as a handler I was an important factor relative to the result, the truth is that Yin did not have the best of front, therefore it was important that the judge saw her superb qualities before seeing her front in motion. It worked in most cases. Yin became 16 years and was an eminent breeding bitch and not only that, but her offspring was also excellent, especially the puppies after her and Fan Ming.

Our most important individual to date. And loved. Do not believe for a moment it meant she was free from any deviation from the standard, but those faults were so small and insignificant that I was ready to clone her any day! The judges were likewise never in doubt about her show ring qualities, which translate into her being the dog that over the years has given me the greatest number of wonderful memories from the ring. And not only me, also several children has been initiated by Lha-lo as we called her, to the intricacies of showing a dog to its best advantage. The only requirement before they were given the lead was that they could follow her around the ring in reasonable fashion. Lha-lo did the rest, no worries! Even at the ripe old age of 15, she was a dream to handle. The very moment she, with you at the other end of the lead, entered the ring it was like her slim and tender little body became erect, resulting in a regal and dignified posture and superior attitude, making it clear to anyone in sight that; “I am the winner”! For those in the know, they felt the hairs standing up at the base of their necks, breaths were held, and tears appeared in many an eye! Her last show was the CAC-show in Hedensted in Denmark, with Tony Moran as judge. From the moment Lha-Lo entered the ring, the crowd started clapping, saluting the old girl as she moved regally around the ring in her usual, unbeatable fashion. It was unbelievable and she became BIM, an almost unheard-of feat for a dog 15 years of age. During the European Winner-show in 1992 a breeder so enthused with our Lha-Lo asked me to name my price for her, whatever it might be. He simply had to have her, no matter what. Unfortunately for him, she was not for sale, whatever the price. We were hoping she would be with us for many years to come, but nature wanted otherwise, and she got a brain haemorrhage just before turning 15. Missed but not forgotten. Even as a mother Lha-Lo did well, although she did not have a great number of litters. She is though, the extended mother of the many winning Tibbies in the world, at least in Europe.

INTCH DKCH SCH BCH LCH PRCH DCH VDHCH UVV95 VV96 VV97 EUSG96 EUSG97 BDSG96 BDSG 97 Multiwinner Sommerlyst's Shanie So Ma
Shanie got a very good home in Belgium and was shown regularly in the European show circuit. She has gathered more than 20 titles from all over the world, among them World Winner three years in a row! As a little oddity, her mother in Belgium has tattooed an image of Shanie on her shoulder, as proof of the esteem in which the little beauty is held. But of course, we did keep some of Lha-Los children, Sommerlyst’s Mi-Miet Khyi-Mo and her brother Sommerlyst’s Mam-Pa Shiwa, whose father is Finkelinn’s X-Pierre. But before I carry on about them, I’d like it to be known that the before mentioned Shanie and her sisters here with us in Denmark; Sommerlyst’s Sakya Sem-Pa and Sommerlyst’s Gon-Sa Goldie Girl, are all daughters of our much beloved Shangri-La’s Gambo Songtsen.

Shangri-La's Gambo Songtsen
Gambo moved in with us at the tender age of 10 weeks, already displaying a personality an adult dog would envy him! He conquered anyone he came in touch with, leading to humorous discussions if he could be split into parts so more could enjoy this endearing charmer. One could say we did split him up in a way, since he became an extremely important stud. In the show ring however, thing didn’t progress as well, he amassed only two first prizes in his life, since at the age of 10 months he was kicked by a horse that the rider carelessly rode into our yard and kicked Gambo so violently that his scull fractured and he lost one eye. He did, however, survive but with only one eye, his show career was over. Let it be said though, that he did have a rather large undershot which clearly should have given him trouble in the ring. At home though, no problem! Gambo was the borne leader and as long as his tenure lasted, he was the unchallenged emperor, and we never had trouble having more than one male when Gambo sat the order of the day. His posture was so strong but subdued and diplomatic that he had no problem running a pack of up to 10-15 dogs. In addition, he was the most endearing, sweet and emphatic character towards us less fortunate having only two legs. He died at the ripe old age of 12, greatly missed.

Pierre vas exactly four years old when we were allowed to have him, as he already had some titles. He was a wonderful dog to show and we, naturally, continued that part of his career. As he hadn’t tried conquering a representative of the “fairer” sex before coming to Denmark, he did have a few problems sorting things out to begin with, but perseverance and stamina prevailed and he his the father of many, great puppies. Pierre was delightful to live with, never demanding much, just lived with us without making a song and dance about it. We didn’t think he would assume emperorship after Gambo, but he rose to the occasion. He became an excellent leader. He was a kind an gentle, just turned 12 he did.

DCH KISG BESG Sommerlyst's Sakya Sem-Pa
Sem-Pa is the best salesgirl we have ever had! She had the ability to make every puppy buyer feel that they were the chosen ones, by her, in "person"! She could look at them with those big, dark eyes with an aura of devotion, making any heart just sob! She was also our son Bo’s bosom friend, Bo had it with Sem-Pa the same way as Gitte had it with Tes-La. There is no doubt in this house that having a dog like those as bosom friends, is the best gift anyone can give a child, only second to parental love of course. Sem-Pa was loved by all, a better temper could not be found. Her personality was also enormous and not only in the bed-chamber-eyes department. Leave some goodies unattended and Sem-Pa would surely apply her quick wits to get it! And if being called upon, rest assured that if it didn’t suit the lady of standing at that particular time to respond; one didn’t! Sem-Pa thought everyone was therefore her, in return she just could not dream of anyone not liking her. Sem-Pa had several, genuinely nice litters but also managed to produce some serious flaws like blue eyes, deafness and split lip. But worst of all; she died of cancer only 8 years old.

DKCH Sommerlyst's Mi-Miet Khyi-Mo
Mi-Mi is one of the most perfect Tibbies we have ever seen. Some may not like her somewhat short jaw, but some do like, some do not. Nobody disagreed with the fact that she was unusually well constructed and walking like a model, she just didn’t seem to be able to put a paw wrong, she was a delight to watch in the ring. Unfortunately, she hated shows! She was definitely a “home dog”. And she was my husbands from day one, but with a heart big enough for all. She was problem free at home, friends with everyone without playing the under-dog. We loved her dearly. She did get a few, exceptionally good puppies, two of them to be used in our breeding program. But the last two puppies unfortunately became her demise. In giving birth we should insisted on a caesarean but the vet on duty thought not. She did give birth naturally, although problems did occur, she contracted an infection in her uterus which could not be treated. The uterus was removed but unfortunately to late, she became exhausted and her body refused to receive protein, an absolutely vital substance. Her body started using protein from other parts of her physiology which only leads to a certain death. Our hearts still ache from missing her. We do have her son Sommerlyst's U-Ta-ka Tashi within reach and her other son, Multichampion Sommerlyst's Ishvara Ga-Wa lives with us. A daughter of her lives in the US and is a USCH, her children has altogether done their mother proud.

DKCH KLBCH BESG VDHCH Sommerlyst's Mam-Pa Shiwa
Shiwa was the favourite Teddy bear for all the children he ever came into contact with. And us grown-ups couldn’t keep our hands off him either, he was just so cuddly and beautiful. He was large relative to the FCI standard, but so well constructed and harmonious that he even managed to become Best of Breed during a show where the largest number of Tibetan Spaniel ever attended, namely 71! He became DKCH after only three shows, BOB twice and BOS once, beaten only by his old mother, Lha-Lo. A proud day! In our house he was always a rather timid and gentle giant, loving and sweet in every respect, with the kindest of attitudes towards everybody. Sometimes we thought his tolerance and kindness to others was almost too great. He was definitely the Emperor, but with a democratic trait to be envied by all. He is the father our Sommerlyst's Ni-Ma Zil-Pa also living with us, but he’s got children as far afield as the US, France and Finland. Unfortunately, Shiwa did develop cancer in his scrotum and the old boy had to be put to sleep only 11 years old. Needless to say we miss him so much!

INTCH DKCH KLBCH DCHKLB VDHCH UVV00 NORV00 BESG02 BESG 04 Kurhessen Sieger Landessiegerin Thüringen SeduhinVesta
Vesta – well, what can one possibly say about her except for being wonderful through and through? She has really been a total enjoyment to have in our house from the very first moment she put her paws across our doorstep. Beautiful, sweet, affectionate, kind, in every way just a delight. I’d love to clone her as well if I could! I thought she was super trained when she came to us from Finland, but no, she wasn’t. She didn’t need it! She could it all by instinct alone. If anything can be retracted from my superlatives about this great girl, it must be that she initially did not seem to be able to deliver puppies. In the end we had to send her to a fertility expert in Finland, and that did the trick. She gave birth to two wonderful bitches, both being Sommerlyst’s. Jomo Vesta lives with us, and Ja-Ziz-Ja Tesla lives with our daughter Gitte and Marc her husband, responding to the name Jazz in everyday use. We do expect quite a bit from them onwards, both in the show circuit and as mothers, they have got genes we definitely want to bring with us forward and hopefully they’ll be more interested in mating than mother! Vesta is a now a senior, and it was therefore in the last minute for her, but as we know, when waiting for something good and so on, definitely true for us since in 2006 got a great litter as well. Two of the puppies are still with us, the boy Sommerlyst's Nan-Pa Pha-Lam (living with Kennel Small and Clever) and the girls Sommerlyst's Ni-Ma Zil-Pa, Sommerlyst's No-Ma Car-Ras (co-owned with Elly in Hovedgaard, Denmark and living with her). At home Vesta is a great contributer in our flock, never a problem, friendly and forthcoming to all. She is noticed by everyone, and in her usual regal fashion, she makes everyone feel good. She is simply gorgeous!

Sommerlyst's U-Ta-Ka Tashi
Tashi is Gambos son, from his last litter with Mi-Mi, it being her first. His traits are delightful, inherited the best from both his parents. Coat and personality come from his father, mildness and nearness from his mother. Tashi has always been dear to me therefore grief struck when he and our other male Massi, decided that the only solution to their differences was for Tashi to move, so he packed his bundle and left. Fortunately, not far, he is living with our daughter and son in law, Gitte and Marc. The reason for parting was rather complicated, but one of them was our misinterpretation of the rank and file in the pack, we thought Tashi was the Alpha-male when in fact it was Shiwa. We demanded things of him that he could not provide, he knew well that Shiwa was the real leader and in the ensuing confusion caused Massi to take advantage of the situation and tried incessantly to “climb the ladder”. Gitte and Marc has been able to provide a home with the affection and comfort Tashi requires and he is now a happy dog, often coming to visit us. He is a well built dog with a fantastic coat and colour, but unfortunately he has got his father's somewhat large undershot although he is able to conceal his lower jaw when challenged, which his father could not. His best puppy until now are no doubt those he had with Happy. They now live in Norway, Germany and here in Denmark.They are much admired for their fantastic personalities and attitudes, but with parents like that how could it be otherwise. Tashi died 2011. R.I.P.

Massi is the first Tibbie ever imported from the US to Denmark. His face and his expression is beautiful beyond words and defies description. He is beautiful all over really, except that there is no doubt from where Ketu got her rather narrow chest. Massi loves to be a lapdog, you can throw him around like a rag doll and he loves it! His ego is prominent though (could it have something to do with where he stems from?), and his near incessant need to “draw is six-shooter” and make everyone know “Massi was here”, is explainable via the fact that he is also a “big boy” in any respect, not shying away from challenging large or small brethrens should the opportunity arise. Except when it came to our Shiwa, if he, on very rare occasions, put his paw down for Massi. As mentioned, in the lap is where Massi likes to spend his days. As he initially was co owned with our finnish partner Kennel Seduhin, he is now castrated because of his “shooting” and lives with a branch of their family just outside Helsinki.

Sommerlyst's Ishvara Ga-Wa ("Poppe")

Poppe (a name given him by his Norwegian owner, which is where i lived is first two years), has got everything I want from a male Tibbie. Extremely well built, walks like a dream, strong personality and character, tolerant towards everybody, kind, calm and affectionate. A wonderful friend to live with and to show. His jaw is a trifle short which possibly make hin slightly “overtyped”, but apart from this there isn’t much to deduct from Poppe, a name we’ve kept. He was initially sold to a breeder in Norway, but the family ran into serious, medical problems and had to part with their dogs. He has been BOB several times so even the judges seem able to spot his endearing qualities! He is a real joy to show, - and he likes it! He have been together with us in 2008 and 2009 in our caravan, where we have visit some dog-shows in countries longer South and East, - and nearly every time he have got BOB, so after only 4 shows he became ATCH. Dogs need 4 CAC's before they can be Champion - with one year and one day between first and last CAC. Those rules is normal for many countries.

DKCH INTCH ATCH HUCH ROCH SRCH LICH & multiwinner Sommerlyst Jomo Vesta
Jomo is a really gift! Her parents are both a lot of kennel Seduhin, and it was on a visit in Finland Vesta got pregnant. Jomo are our star in kennel Sommerlyst, - her sister, Jazz, are kennel Tes-La's "top-bitch". Tes-La's owner is my lovely daughter. Also Jomo have given so much to us, - at home and on dogshows. She have the most wonderful caracter, show her self so nice and is just beautiful all over! She also have join us in the caravan they last two years and is a lovely traveller!

DKCH EICH INTCH and multichampion Sommerlyst Thempa
Thempa are Jomos beautiful daughter together with Sommerlyst's Jiba Cespa. She have had her first litter and have allready got her two first champion-titles. Not many black/tan have her quality, - and she have the most lovely temper also, - we adore her! At the moment Thempa visits kennel Avigdor.

DKCH GBCH EICH INTCH Crufts Winner Avigdor Julietta ("Zaza")
Zaza is the name she reacts to. IF she reacts! :-) Because she is a really Queen, so she decides! I was falling in love with her the very first time I saw her, so I am so very proud that I today is her happy owner, thanks to Tony! Zaza was last year the top brood bitch in the UK and Ireland last year, - and I think she will do it again in 2010. Her son won Crufts this year. The most of her puppies are allready champions, also 2 dauthers in Denmark. Zaza is realy something!! And the sweetest freind we can get! We realy love her so very much!

DKCH, INTCH & MULTICHAMPION WJW10 Sommerlyst's Zi-La Khyi-Mo
Zila got Junior World Winner in June 2010, and soon after also DKCH. Zila is living with kennel Team of Cati. She is daugther of Zaza - and just beautiful!

DKCH & MULTICHAMPION Sommerlyst's Zara Sengemo
Also Zara is daugther of Zaza - and just beautiful! She is living here in the house and was with us on our summer tour in 2010, where she got ROCH and was placed high on all the shows we attended. Which she have been in Denmark to, - she came number four on the World Winner Show and have von her classes the most time she have been showed. We adore her!

USACH & MULTICHAMPION Sommerlyst's Zuba Norbu
Zaza is the mother to Zuba too, - he are such a sweet boy! He have the most adorable head, but he is also very handsome in the rest! We adore him! He already have two litters - with 5 puppies in his first litter and 7 puppies in the next, - a really good lover boy! Zuba is now living with Donna in the US.

UKCH & MULTICHAMPION Sommerlyst's Zi-Mi Piu
Zimi is also one of Zaza's wonderful babies. She is the most entertaining little girl to live with, it is simply impossible not love her dearly. She have had a wonderful litter with kennel Avigdor, and now she have her first litter in DK.

Strömkarlens Early One Morning ("Yasmin")
Yasmin is a new female from Sweden, we expect to will give us new blood from her mother, multichampion A-Tilda's Enya, - her father is Thempas brother, S. Tan-Tan for Shangri-La. Yasmin are very promising so far. :-). She is living with Lone in Randers.

A-Tilda's Danella
Danella is our import from Norway. She also bring a lot of new blood to our lines - and we hope she will bring a lot of good things with her! She is lovely and beautiful, - I have wished for a particolored tibbie for a long time, so we are glad it finally arrived!

GBCH EICH FRCH DKCH INTCH VWW17 Cruftss Winner 2010 KBHV11 Avigdor Jarrod
Jarrod are - as his mother, Avigdor Julietta – Cruftss Winner and so very handsome! We are so lucky we could get him to Denmark, where we own him together with kennel Team of Cati, where he lives. Thank you so much Tony and Lionel for letting us have him! And thank you Tina and Peter for taking care of him! Jarrod is a very, very handsome boy! He is also a very funny guy, always finding something to do!

Sommerlyst's Rigpa Atisha - aka "Iggy"

We do own Iggy jointly with Kennel Avigdor, Mr. Tony Moran and Lionel Prouve of Chester, UK. Tony have made Iggy into both Irish and GB champion, and we have followed up on his merits after returning home to us. Iggy is not just beautiful; he is also super sweet and easy to live with. And then he is so well built all over, that judges have written about him - he has really done well. However, Heidi has made him DKCH, Tony has made him SECH and Lionel UACH and WW17. Thank you all. Now he has several "puppies" in several countries, - and they are doing well in the showring also, many is champions.

As per agreement Tan-Tan came back to us frm Kennel Shangri-La, a stay he really enjoyed and the only dog in their pack that could be waked off-leash. Tan-Tan never did anything wrong, never bolted, never chased chicken and so on. He is a really fantastic personality, loved by everyone. Fortunately he has given us with a number of offspring, several in his own gorgeous red color.

Sommerlyst's Ransi Duses

R ansi is Iggy's litter-sister which is evident when you see them together. Both have done very well in the ring – and best of all – they are lovely to live with. Ransi has given us some really beautiful offspring and both her and Iggy should produce more lovely little ones (although not together!).

Thanks to Lobsa's owner and "servant" Ms. Lotte Nissen of Kennel Chulo in Odense, Denmark, he has amassed a fairly large number of titles, we have only made him Bulgarian and Balkan Champion. He is so easy to show expertly handled by his "mother", standing and walking to perfection. He simply cannot put a paw wrong! And that is even though he is full of energy, always looking for fun. He ha got no mean streaks and is an eye catcher in his foxy red.

Her young age apart, Kantsi has already gained a number of titles, thanks to her owner Ms. Lotte Nissen. She is the daughter of Lobsa (above), and is in every way similar, except in colour since she is sable. She is also living with Lotte.

DKJNCH Sommerlyst's Padma - aka Juno. One of Iggy's beautifull daugthers. I-m sure she will give us a lot of fun in the showring. Juno are co-owned together with Anette Nordmark.

Sommerlyst's Cha-ri Ka-ma-la. Ka-ma-la is our young junior hope for the future.

Sommerlyst's Uma A-sa-na. We also hope Uma will give us a lot of fun in the future.

Few of our lovely dogs

My beloved husband with dogs - some years ago.My beloved husband with dogs - some years ago.SOME OF OUR DOGS

You can find Photos of most of the dogs Down under the text.

As said before, around 40 years ago I decided to start breeding Tibetan Spaniel. At the time I was already a breeder of Pyrenean Mountain Dog, so I did have defined objectives for my breeding, but did not want solely to produce healthy and sweet lapdogs, I wanted show as well, thus their exterior and good looks had to be evident.

At the time it was only one breeder of Tibbies in Denmark, her name is Bente Rytter Jørgensen of Kennel Tenzing, and she fast became a mentor providing me with the breed insight and knowledge that I lacked at the time. My first Tibbie was called Tenzing Me-Ri and onwards I’ll tell you both about Me-Ri and some of the other dogs that has meant and means a lot for Sommerlyst’s breeding up until this day.

Sommerlyst's Rigpa Atisha - aka IggySommerlyst's Rigpa Atisha - aka IggySommerlyst's Tan-Tan for Shangri-LaSommerlyst's Tan-Tan for Shangri-La
Sommerlyst's Ransi Duses - aka RansiSommerlyst's Ransi Duses - aka RansiSommerlyst's Tseepo Lobsang - aka LobsaSommerlyst's Tseepo Lobsang - aka Lobsa
Sommerlyst's Ka-Ta-Ra Kan-TsiSommerlyst's Ka-Ta-Ra Kan-TsiSommerlyst's Pad-ma - aka Juno
An upcomming starSommerlyst's Pad-ma - aka Juno
An upcomming star
Sommerlyst's Cha-ri Ka-ma-la
Our young juniorSommerlyst's Cha-ri Ka-ma-la
Our young junior
Sommerlyst's Uma A-sa-naSommerlyst's Uma A-sa-na