I tidens løb er det blevet til mange champions herfra, hvilket vi selvfølgelig er meget stolte af, - og ikke mindre taknemlige overfor ejerne, som har gjort dette muligt!

We do have had many Champions from other kennels in our house in this 35 years we have been the proud owners of Tibetan Spaniel. They should have had place here also, - and maybe I can make that one day? In the moment we only have Teamofcati's Ni-Ma and Avigdor Zenobia here - and they are Champions.

We have breed many champions in the years, - we are proud and grateful to all, making this comming true.

Sommerlyst's A-Ba Kham-Pa

Sommerlyst's Assam Tes-La

Sommerlyst's Cham-Pa

Sommerlyst's Chu-Bo Sin-Dhu

Sommerlyst's Dagsi Wa Zun

Sommerlyst's Dga-Po-Ne-Po

Sommerlyst's Dozla Wa Khyi-Po

Sommerlyst's Fai Dee

Sommerlyst's Fan Ming

Sommerlyst's Fo Nor-Ba Karim Viking

Sommerlyst's Fo Ze-Ma At Teliman

Sommerlyst's Goncha

Sommerlyst's Gyad Bumo

Sommerlyst's Ha-Ti-Wa Gon-Po

Sommerlyst's Hi-Ra Mani

Sommerlyst's Hi-Ra Seba ("Lulu")

Sommerlyst's Hi-Ra Tha-Ko

Sommerlyst's Ishvara Ga-Wa ("Poppe")

Sommerlyst's Jampal Cespa

Sommerlyst's Jang Gu Sebastian

Sommerlyst's Ja-Ziz-Ja Tesla

Sommerlyst's Jing Kiat

Sommerlyst's Jinpa Danpo

Sommerlyst's Jomo Vesta

Sommerlyst's Kando Kipu

Sommerlyst's Ka-Ta-Ra Kan-Tsi

Sommerlyst's Lara Jonggrang

Sommerlyst's Lha-Gye-Lo ("Lhalo")

Sommerlyst's Lha-Wa Zi-Las

Sommerlyst's Mam-Pa Shiwa

Sommerlyst's Mani Minnie

Sommerlyst's Mi-Miet

Sommerlyst's Mi-Miet Khyi-Mo

Sommerlyst's Mishog Nag-Po

Sommerlyst's Mi-Sna To K'a-Dag

Sommerlyst's Miss Zi-Mi Kha-Nas

Sommerlyst's Miu Kha-La

Sommerlyst's Nan-Pa Pha-Lam

Sommerlyst's Ni-Ma Me-Tog

Sommerlyst's Od-Can Ba-Lu

Sommerlyst's Onba Rnanpa ("Pasha")

Sommerlyst's Os-Pa Danpo

Sommerlyst's Popo Jinpa

Sommerlyst's Qu-Mi-Za-Wa Kyi

Sommerlyst's Ransi Duses

Sommerlyst's Rigpa Atisha

Sommerlyst's Sakya Sem-Pa

Sommerlyst's Sang-Po

Sommerlyst's Shanti To Cati

Sommerlyst's Shanie So Ma

Sommerlyst's Tan-Tan For Shangri-La

Sommerlyst's Them-Pa

Sommerlyst's Tseepo Lobsang

Sommerlyst's Uma Donno

Sommerlyst's U-Ta-Ka Lenpa

Sommerlyst's Ven-Dhi Khyi-Mo

Sommerlyst's W' Nag-po Mi-rje

Sommerlyst's Wa Tsitsi

Sommerlyst's W' Samye ("Zimba")

Sommerlyst's X-Mas Tan Nag-Po

Sommerlyst's Yod Ling Of D'vine

Sommerlyst's Yoi Cati's Tibspa

Sommerlyst's Za-Ra Sengemo

Sommerlyst's Zi-La Khyi-Mo

Sommerlyst's Zi-Mi Piu

Sommerlyst's Zu-Ba Norbu

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Sommerlyst's Despa Wa Dom

Sommerlyst's Qun-Ma Mi-No-Ma


Sommerlyst's Cajus

Sommerlyst's Diana

Sommerlyst's Diego

Sommerlyst's Elisa

Sommerlyst's Erika Hauberg

Sommerlyst's Fulton